Digital Hub münsterLAND

The Digital Hub münsterLAND promotes the digital economy by networking companies, science, institutions, associations and start-ups.
The core idea of the hub is that creative start-ups with established companies promote innovative digital business processes and models and ideally contribute in this way to the added value of the Münsterland. The threads run together in a central experimental and learning environment with connected coworking space and fabrication laboratory at the port in Münster, where many networking events also take place.

In the course of the application for the Digital Hub in the Münsterland region, the necessary contribution was collected by many sponsors and members of the mü e.V. association. As a result, numerous partners from the Münsterland region were inspired by the idea of the Digital Hub and pledged their financial support. In addition to the Digital Hub münsterLAND, the association mü e.V. will develop and establish further projects around the topic of digitization in the Münsterland right from the start.

The Digital Hub münsterLAND offers an accelerator and a fellowship program for start-ups and intrapreneurs as well as qualification and networking opportunities for start-ups and medium-sized businesses. In addition, the Digital Hub acts as a multiplier for digital events in the Münsterland region and organizes its own event formats in cooperation with municipal partners, such as Hub:Kontakt, MÜNSTERHACK or the ERCIS Launch Pad.