Digital Hub münsterLAND

The Digital Hub münsterLAND promotes the digital economy by connecting companies, science, institutions, associations and start-ups. The core idea of the hub is that creative start-ups with established companies promote innovative digital business processes and models and ideally contribute in this way to the added value of the Münsterland. The threads converge in a central experimental and learning environment with connected coworking space and fabrication laboratory at the port of Münster, where many networking events also take place.

The Digital Hub münsterLAND offers an accelerator and fellowship programme for start-ups and intrapreneurs as well as qualification and networking opportunities for start-ups and SMEs. In additionto that, the Digital Hub acts as a multiplier for digital events in the Münsterland region and organises its own event formats in cooperation with municipal partners, such as Hub:Kontakt, MÜNSTERHACK or the ERCIS Launch Pad.

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Startup Ecosystem Münsterland

Münster is the science and business location that gives its name to the growing Münsterland region with its approx. 1.7 million inhabitants. This centrality in the midst of the lively innovation scene from the universities (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and Fachhochschule Münster) and a large number of technology companies creates a high level of identification. In addition, there is an enormous entrepreneurial diversity in the Münsterland with many medium-sized industrial companies and service providers with an international reputation in a technological niche. Through its close cooperation with the DWNRW hubs, the Digital Hub münsterLAND ensures that established companies and start-ups in the Münsterland region are connected with the adjoining Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. The Digital Hub receives broad support from over 150 companies, institutions, universities, associations and start-ups in the Münsterland region.

In recent years, the Digital Hub, in cooperation with its supporters, has created new event formats and expanded existing formats, e.g. ERCIS Launchpad and Monstergrill. Due to the exclusively medium-sized economy of the Münsterland, there is a particularly trustworthy and close cooperation in the economic region between the startup scene and established companies. Satellite locations in the Münsterland region also bring together decentralised digital communities to form a joint network of digital business models. Current focal points of the start-up scene include agricultural technology, corporate culture, education tech, data science, e-health and insurtech. Among the most successful start-ups in the region are the companies flaschenpost, Raidboxes, fileee and Frontastic.